-We will be taking temperatures at home daily to ensure our continued health and we kindly request you do also. Any client presenting any symptoms of Cold, Cough, or Sickness of any kind will not be allowed entry and will be rescheduled to a future date. We understand you all are so excited to be back in our chairs and we can’t wait to see you but we must enforce this rule with no exceptions. Please notify us 24 hours before if you believe you or anyone in your household is presenting a fever or symptoms and we will gladly get you rescheduled with no penalty.

-We will be sanitizing before, during and after each client. Seneca & Boone and all its Stylists/Estheticians are Barbicide and COVID-19 certified in Hospital Grade Sanitation and Disinfection procedures required by law and state.

-We will be wearing gloves and masks to continue to ensure not only our safety but yours. We know we all want to group hug but for the moment let's keep it to air high fives and waves!

-Due to occupancy and social distancing mandates to remain open we cannot allow anyone besides the client receiving services into the studio. We know that for some we are the entire family’s Stylist but we must respectfully ask that you and only you attend each appointment. 

- Please be mindful of what you bring to your appointment. Magazines, open container beverages and so forth have been removed from the studio for your safety. If possible please consider bringing just your form of entertainment (please feel free to also use headphones if needed we promise we won’t be offended), personal beverage, and form of payment if needed. 

-Masks will be required at all times within MOSAIC and Seneca & Boone. With this please be patient with us as we adapt to working and communicating while wearing ours. We want to hear everything you have been doing since we’ve last seen you, but we will need moments to “catch our breath” and we equally understand if you need that time also. 

-All Capes, Towels, and Aprons will be freshly laundered (offsite and sanitized cycles) by ourselves to prevent any type of cross exposure. Tools, Brushes, and Combs will be sanitized and disinfected before, during, and after each client. 


-When you arrive please either remain in your car or (weather pending) outside and notify us via text. We will let you know when you are free to enter as we will be deep sanitizing between each client.

-At ALL times masks must be worn. Whether that be medical grade or reusable that is your personal choice but we cannot provide any services or retail pick-ups without one.

-We will ask you upon entering the studio to kindly take a moment to wash your hands at the shampoo area.

-At this time we will only be offering Bubbly Water (In Can) and we recommend bringing along your favorite reusable straw. Please feel free to bring any other additional beverages you would like to enjoy while understanding masks still must remain in place. 

-During Hair Color services we will need your assistance in holding your face mask while we work around the ear and hairline area. Because of this we do ask if possible to please wear Over the Ear Masks vs Over the Head for ease of service.

-Shampooing will now require us to place a towel over your face for the time being. Think of it as a moment to take a mini restorative nap! We promise your head massage will be just as relaxing as ever.

-Blow Drying for the immediate future will be optional. The State of Washington has encouraged us to minimize appointment times by removing it, but we also understand the need for Blow Drying with specific services. Please let us know what you feel the most comfortable with at the beginning of your appointment. 

-Checking Out and Rebooking will now be contactless. Please allow us to rebook your future appointments, and we will now be sending invoices vs Ipad checkouts. This minimizes any unnecessary touch contact on your end. These invoices will be emailed to you directly before you leave the building and we kindly ask that once you have returned to your vehicle that you take a moment to close them out. All invoices will be due by end of day and failure to do so will result in a 25$ late fee.

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